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Picking the right transaxle is one of the most important decisions you can make when building your car.  You don't want to invest $50K into a car and have a transaxle your motor can break.  Careful consideration should be taken base on the horsepower, weight, and tire size of your car.  Below is a general guideline of Mendeola transaxle recommendations based on using a 30" tire height.  If you have a bigger tire size or heavier car than this chart supports, call us to discuss further.  We'll be glad to review what you need.
HP/Weight 1000-1500lbs 1500-2000lbs 2000-2500lbs 2500-3000lbs
up to 300HP MD4E MD4S-2D MD4S2D MD4S2D
300-500HP MD4S-2D MD4S-2D S4 S4
500-750HP S4 S4 S4 S4D
750-900HP S4D S4D S4D S4D

Some History

In the beginning there were dunebuggies, powered by VW, or bug motors, hence the name dune-buggy.  For many years VW transaxles could handle the HP from these motors, upwards of 300HP.  But in the mid 90's the popularity of 4 and 5 seat sandrails with long travel suspension created a huge demand for more horsepower.  Hence, people started putting higher performance water cooled motors into larger cars with well over 300HP.  Harnessing that horsepower in a VW transaxle became too much.  Applications with 300 to 500HP was simply beyond the capabilities of VW components and the best tricks to strengthen the transaxles.  Recognizing this demand, Mike Mendeola released the MD4 in 1997, now in it's second generation (2D).  It became an overnight success and today it's one of the most popular combinations in that power range.  The next range of 500 to 750HP was addressed with the S4, the most popular transaxle in this power range, shipping more transaxles than all other combined in the sand market.  You'll see Mendeola transaxles in all the best cars, simply because it's the best value for the money.

Desert Nirvana...

When you consider the lighter weight of a sandcar (1000 to 2800lbs) this high power to weight ratio can be very exhilarating.  Add that power to the new suspension technologies that have enabled a super plush ride and you've got absolute "desert nirvana" to experience "G-forces" like never before possible.  As you can guess this sequence of technology to quench the thirst of the sand dune maketplace has created a huge demand for Mendeola transaxle products to build reliable cars.  If you're building a super trick rail you should consider a Mendeola transaxle.


Worrying about breaking your transaxle with too much horsepower can be solved with a Mendeola transaxle.  And with hundreds of adapters from Kennedy Engineering you can put almost any engine into a sandrail and dune your brains out without the worry of breaking a gear if you select the right transaxle for your weight and horsepower requirements. 
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