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MD4E pinion gears are manufactured using Mendeola's  unique high strength welded design.  These large pinions are fabricated from 9310 VAR High-Nickle alloy, then  welded to VW Type 1 and 002 shafts using a precision fixture.  This pinion style is used to build the econo version  MD4E transaxle which use VW transmission gears, recommended for sandrail applications up to 325HP.  MD4E differential ratios include 4.11 and 4.86.

It's important to know that MD4E owners have a growth path if needed.  The MD4E can be upgraded with a new gear-set to the stronger MD4-2D version if your engine power grows to be over 325HP.  The MD4-2D is recommended for sandrail applications in the 325-550HP range.


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