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Mendeola HD4S Sequential Shift Transaxle

You've seen it in Sand Sports Magazine, everyone's talks about it,  the Mendeola HEAVY DUTY 4 SPEED, or HD4S.  With enough strength for a diesel truck this race proven HD4 is pushing the envelope for racers all over the world. 


Click transaxle areas below for close-ups


If you're building a V8 car with insane HP...... you need to consider this transaxle in your plan.  Strength and simplicity was the total focus on this incredible transaxle.  3yrs in the making with race proven test and refinements, the HD4 is the top dog of Mendeola transaxles.  This  super strong sequential shift transaxle brings huge advantages in shifting and reliability never before available.

Tired of the H pattern?  Breaking your trans before the finish line?  Try this transaxle on for size, perfect for those mondo motors where brut strength and reliability is needed.  This beauty can harness some of the most powerful applications you can imagine.


bullet 4.86 Ring and Pinion
bullet Cable activated shifter
bullet Massive 13" ring and pinion (9310 VAR)
bullet Dog ring engagement - removable face plates
bullet Ultra duty gearsets - 1.150 face width EN36C
bullet Triple disc 200mm clutch packs
bullet 935 Drive flanges
bullet Bulkhead mounted bearing package
bullet Cooling pump
bullet Up to 850HP range for off-road racing
bullet 900-1600 HP range for sandcar applications
bullet Perfect match for all V8 applications


bullet Series 30 CV's
bullet Chevy V8 SBC bell housing
bullet Howe Power Steering Pump

Transmission ratio choices:

1st Gear 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Gears


Ring and Pinion choice

4.86  (Weddle)

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