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Is your clutch pedal stiff or notchy feeling? 

Here's a solution we created to fix the annoying stiffness and jerky feeling of stage 2 and 3 clutch setups.  As you may know the stock VW setup isn't exactly appropriate for race transmissions using high spring tensions for the throw-out bearing arm.

Using a stock CNC setup on the hydraulic slave cylinder works fine on cars with the stock pressure plates, but when your engine demands a stiffer STAGE 2 or 3 pressure plate, that setup can bind and feel very stiff from the friction created by using the stock ball&nut setup.

Our solution is to use our custom clutch lever and hiem joint combo to get smoother and easier action of the clutch mechanism as show here in the picture.  This setup can also work in conjunction with our optional longer clutch lever to increase the leverage, making the clutch pedal easier to push while providing a slightly longer pedal throw. 


This is easy to install yourself.  It simply replaces the clutch lever which is removed with a C clip.  Simply re-install the new clutch lever and screw on the heim joint onto the end of your slave cylinder shaft.  With the added smoothness of the heim joint you'll have an easier time pressing the clutch pedal.  For really stiff clutches we offer a slightly longer clutch lever to add more leverage, again making the clutch pedal even easier to press down.  Installation for the DYI guy is typically 30min, or we can install it during your transmission build/rebuild.




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