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S5D, Durable Sequential 4spd
HD4 Heavy Duty 4spd Sequential
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VW Bus 091, 002, Type 1

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MD4E Pinion Gear
MD5 Pinion Gear
MD 930 CV stubs
MD 935 CV stubs

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HD4 Ring and Pinion
HD4 Case Front
HD4 Differential Case Side
S4 Case Front
S4 Differential Case Side

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2 seat mid-engine with S4

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Welcome to California Performance Transaxle where we sell and repair high performance transaxles.  At California Performance we have built our business on providing high quality transaxles using the highest quality parts possible.   We don't cut corners and we don't skimp on quality. 

Company Profile

Doug Ingles, company owner.  Doug personally assembles every transaxle that goes through the shop.  This guarantees the latest setup information and assembly tricks will be used on every transaxle we build.  On repair jobs you will get back every failed part that was replaced in your transaxle, and if you're interested you can review each part with Doug to learn what was going wrong and possibly why the part failed.

California Performance has been building and repairing high performance transaxles for over 40 years.  We have seen the evolution of the off-road industry grow from it's infancy into what it is today.  We can help you with all your VW and Mendeola off-road transaxle repair needs as well as build you a new transaxle that is appropriate for your car weight, horsepower, tire size, and driving style.   Race cars are our specialty and our heritage, so if you have extraordinary demands to win your next race, we're your shop.  With the evolution of transaxle technology we have a bead on all the issues that may be on your mind.  Give us a call.


Contact Information

California Performance suggests you call to discuss your transaxle needs and product support.  Very often customers have questions about their transaxles, CVs, clutches or wheel size versus car weight. All of these things matter to choose an appropriate transaxle for a car.  Maybe you have ratio questions, or setup and maintenance questions. We'll be glad to help with sound advice to minimize cost and frustration.  Whether you questions about an 091 VW issue, or you'd like to buy a new Mendeola S4 sequential, we can help.  Give us a call to get the straight scoop.

Customer Service
        Jeri Lee Ingles, Customer Service Mgr.
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Mailing address: PO Box 892365 - Temecula CA 92589
Shipping address: 45950 Vista Del Mar - Temecula CA 92590
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Call to arrange drop off.
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